Matt did a perfect job in my backyard. I can say it is significant transformation from a “no use” backyard to a multipurpose one. The job was very challenging but Matt went above and beyond with tens of ideas and the outcome was fantastic. All within budget with a full focus on the finest details. I am so happy I chose Matt to do the job for me.


As a young fifteen year old (13 years ago), Matt used to walk his mower and whipper snipper to my place to cut the grass. This continued for many years, with him eventually, driving.
During this time, he also completed, to a very high standard, all forms of gardening work for me, a relative, and three friends.
Recently, he landscaped, my front garden, and I was thrilled with the result. Passers by have commented, on numerous occasions.
Matt is a personable, committed and capable, young man. If you were ever to have work for clients, it would be completed to his high, exacting standards. All the very best, Matt.


I wanted to inform any people that were considering getting any landscaping/concreting/fencing and decking done, that they should look no further than Matthew James from Atlas Concreting and Landscapes. My wife Ruth and I had the pleasure of seeing our dream to have a lovely new back and side yard develop with the work and efforts applied by Matthew. He was a pleasure to deal with and was up front at the beginning of the entire process as to what we needed to consider based on our design, which meant when we needed to tweak things around a bit to ensure we achieved the outcome we wanted, he was on top of it all and made the decisions easy for us with his explanations as how get where we needed to be.

Nothing was an issue for Matthew during the entire process, not even Covid caused us any issues, he simply rescheduled what he could and could not do under the restrictions put in place by the authorities and allowed us to continue on with our daily life and regularly provided us with times dates and what his next part of the project that would be happening. Not too many tradespeople provide this type of service.

The end result for Ruth and the Family is that we have achieved everything we set out to and are getting great satisfaction and enjoyment with our lovely new Gardens, thanks to Matthews efforts and skill set he has smashed this project and always with a smile on his face no matter what was happening during the project.

From a financial viewpoint the project ran well on budget as presented by Matthew, any and all changes were presented and agreed upon prior to moving ahead, which meant we were well aware of any impact on our budget, without getting the bill shock at the end.

As my Great Great Grand Pappy once said, “you get what you pay for in this World”. “If you take shortcuts you don’t achieve what you set out to”! 

We certainly achieved what we set out to do and even more and if not for Matthews knowledge and advice along the way, the outcome may have looked a lot different.

If anyone was interested in viewing our end result live we would be more than happy to show off our lovely new space.

Andy Ruth and the Girls