Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 2023

Mathew James – The Director of Atlas Concrete and Landscapes, the Landscaper constructing the design ‘Consciousness’ with the Atlas Team!!

Hamish White – The Director of Sanctum Homes, the builder constructing the design ‘Consciousness’ with the Sanctum Team!!

Nadia Cole – The Director of Platylobium Landscape Design, the designer of this stunning display ‘Consciousness’ with her team at Platylobium. Working alongside the construction team with a hands on approach throughout  the creation of this beautiful design, and the Platylobium team planting all of the amazing Australian plants.


The name ‘Consciousness’ refers to the intention to create an elegant contemporary sanctuary that connects the user with nature, optimises the use of house and garden, and promotes an awareness that a Garden can be designed to have a positive impact on the environment.

The meandering pathway is surrounded by groupings of Australian plants in contrasting textures and colours and transitions to recycled brick steppers that lead to the recycled timber deck and pergola. The garden has been designed for year-round use, with placement of the pergola and trees to allow winter sun and provide summer shade to both house and garden.

Consciousness has been constructed using materials that are locally and sustainably sourced, minimising its carbon footprint.

These include recycled brick, reclaimed timber, radially cut timber and rammed earth from one of our Landscape construction projects. 

The garden has been designed with the inclusion of the façade and cross section of a passive house, which displays the internal workings of a highly insulated and sealed wall. 

The garden showcases Australian plants, many of which are indigenous to Naarm (Melbourne). These are used in ways that challenge the traditional bush-style native garden, including a low hedge of Common Correa. Plants have been chosen with the changing climate in mind and include versatile and hardy species. As with all Platylobium designs there is a focus on biodiversity (the variety of living things) through the inclusion of local plant species which provide food and habitat for birds, reptiles, amphibians and insects.