Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 2024

Show Garden

The garden is inspired by the Tasmanian high country, where boardwalks wind through long, golden grasslands, forests of scraggly ash-grey trees, and dense clumps of spongey vegetation. This is one of those rare places that feels both wild and untouched while remaining easily accessible to everyone, and we wanted to recreate it
in the form of a luxe eco-retreat. The Garden is designed to have a low impact on the environment and a high impact on the people who use it. In creating this garden we are drawing on the inspiration that this country, under the custodianship of First Nations people, provides in abundance. The Garden is the result of collaboration between a team of people who value biophilic design, craftsmanship and sustainability.

Our Team

Platylobium Landscape Design – Design Team and Construction assistance.
Atlas Concrete and Landscapes – Construction Team
Spaces in Places – Tiny Home installation
Gardening with Angus – Horticulturist supplying and installing Plants
Sanctum Homes – Boardwalk installation


Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show
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